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Karthik Month Rituals and Pujas

Kartik Masam
Karthik Month Rituals and Pujas
Karthika Masam or Kartik month is the most auspicious month amongst all 12 Hindu months. According to Hindus, pujas, rituals, other auspicious and prosperous celebrations during Kartik Month give them great pleasure and happiness in life because this is the most favorite month for both of the Supreme Gods Lord Vishnu and Shiva. They believe that praying to Lord during Kartik maas fetches them Moksha (salvation).
In 2010, Kartika Month begins on November 7th and ends on December 5th as per Andhra Pradesh Calendars.
The pujas, all other rituals, rules and code during the month are called as Kartika Masa Vratam. There are certain rules and codes to perform Kartika Masa vrata. The Karthika Purana details the rituals and customs to be performed during the month of Karthik. Various Hindu sacred texts have mentioned the list of basic rituals and customs of Kartika masam.
Importance of Karthika masam
Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on Ashadha suddha ekadashi and wakes-up on Karthika suddha ekadashi.
Lord Shiva kílled Tripurasuras on Karthika pournami and protected the world.
In this month Ganga (Godess of river Ganges) enters in to all rivers, canals, ponds and wells and makes them as pious as Ganga.
Ayyappa deeksha is also taken in Karthika masam and is continued up to Makara Sankranthi (Jan 15th)
River Bath ( Nadi Snanam)
As per the Medical reports also in Kaarthika Masam Water will gain more Magnetic Power from Earth and will be stored in water before the Sunrise.
As stated in Magnetic Therapy also bath taking on Kaarhika Somavaram (Monday) in any Flowing Water for 15mts  human being  will get relief from STOMACH DISORDERS, LEVER DISORDERS, GENERAL HEALTH DISORDERS, ENEMIC CONDITIONS etc.,
POOJA (Deity)
Main Deity in the Kaarthika Masam is certainly SIVA, VISHNU and TULASI
He who performs daily SIVA POOJA will reach ZENITH point in life and after life also he will attain SLAVATION according to SIVAPURANA verses.
Those who cannot spare daily timing for Pooja and rituals they can perform MANASIKA POOJA by enchanting SIVA PANCHAKSRI Mantra as and when TIME PERMITS. This is month where SIVA and VISHU DEVATHA will be treated with equal importance. More over on SUKLA DWADASI known as CHILUKA DWADASI / KSHRABDI DWADASI

Light (Deepam Parmjyoti Swaroopam)
He who Lights up a Deepam in Kaarthika Masam will have the blessings of PITRUDEVATHALU (who are our ancestors) and also the blessings of SIVA and VISHNU.
Deepam should be lighted up only in Mud Plate (Mati Pramida) and daily we should use new one. If by any chance non availability of Mud Plates kindly use Silver Articles only.
At any point of time don’t use Steel Articles for Deepam (usage of Steel Articles for Pooja and Deepam increases our Poverty).
Use Cow Ghee or Gingelly Oil  ( Til oil, Nuvvula oil)
Do not use Mustard Oil, for Deepam.
Karthika puranam
the most important aspect of Karthika masam is hearing Karthika puranam. It is called as Karthika vratham. It normally includes the following rules
Waking up early in Brahmi muhartham (4.00A.M)
Taking bath in rivers or ponds remembering Ganga
Shiva puja / Damodara (Vishnu) puja
Lighting Akasha deepam on sun-set
Understanding Karthika puranam
Rituals and Rules During Karthika Masam
Devotees should not eat non vegetarian food for whole month of Karthik. Eating non vegetarian food is considered as Brahma Hathya (Killing Lord Brahma).
Devotees follow Nakabhukta or Ekabhuktam during the whole month of Kartik. They take meal only once a day. Some people take fruits or milk in the evening time after performing Puja. If devotees are not able to do so, they follow these customs at least on auspicious days like Karthik Somavar and
Karthika Pournami etc.
Here I am giving the basic rituals we should follow for this month.
  1. Should not eat non Vegetarian food for the whole month.
  2. Do not eat Brinjal, Onions and Garlics Food in Kaarthika Masam. Take any vegetarian Food.
  3. Must take meal only once per day for the 30 days, we can eat breakfast at nights or at least we must
  4. If possible Feed Cows.
  5. follow this on auspicious days like mondays, karthika poornima, koti somavaram etc
  6. Devotees take ceremonial or spiritual bath everyday for the whole month (Including Hair).
  7. Must light (deepam) every evening and  evening do God Shiva Pooja.
  8. Read or Listen Shiva Puranam Book (Possible) ever day evening.
  9. Read one chapter in Karthika Puranam book every day
  10. Prepare prasadam on karthika poornima,  koti somavaram and remaining days you can even keep some fruit as prasadam.


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